Take it easy, it’s my first time!

September 6, 2011 § 4 Comments

I have decided to start blogging   have a lot to say and I think one or two people might be interested…

Lots of changes for me at the moment. I’ve just left the BBC and now I’m unemployed freelance. Some people think I’m mad leaving the security of a job. But if something doesn’t make you happy you need a re-think. I thought long and hard about it. Too many things weren’t right for me there, so I left. Not before speaking my mind though….

So I’m in London but I’ll be travelling between two cities because I’m starting a project for young women in Birmingham and my family is still there and some of my friends too. So that will keep me busy and I hope to be popping up on a TV screen or radio station very soon. But when I have news I will share it, can’t share it before the time.

Besides that I running because my doctor tells me that I’m overweight for my height! Terrible business… Also my hair needs a miracle and so that’s going to be keeping me busy. I will whip myself back into my former glory. So I can fit into the two-thirds of my wardrobe that don’t currently fit. That would be great.

Oh yes and I’m looking for my Prince Charming so if you should see him…… send him on over as I think he’s lost somewhere.

My next blog will be far more meaningful (maybe) I just wanted to say ciao!



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§ 4 Responses to Take it easy, it’s my first time!

  • Julie Ann says:

    Love this. Stay positive, and claim it.

  • Esosa Ikolo says:

    Hi Genelle, I only just stumbled on your write up on how you landed your first job on the BBC and without realising that you have left there I sent you a mail with the bbc address provided on the website; and ofcourse the mail bounced right back. Well I’m hapoy for you that you are now doing what makes you hapoy and fulfilled( SadeRose fashion and Strut to Success).
    This may not be the right medium but could you possibly furnish me with some advice on how I also can land my first job in the BBC( paid or unpaid). Any help from you will be appreciated.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Esosa,
      I think the best thing to do is either find the number of the newsroom you want to work in and call and ask about work experience, but work experience posts can normally be found on the BBC or any news organisations websites. All the best. Genelle

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